– Selected Blogging –
The IF List: An Interview with Renowned Author Lydia Millet
The IF List: Katniss Everdeen vs. Harry Potter: Different Characters, Same Story
The IF List: Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Are More Frequently Cast For the Big Screen
The IF List: This Female Photographer’s Life Is About to Become a Jennifer Lawrence and Stephen Spielberg Film
The IF List:
Some Writing Advice from Chris Rock, Gillian Flynn, and More
Hatch.co: How To Salvage Father’s Day When You’re Too Late to Be on Time
Hatch.co: The 9 Best Gadget Holders/Cases for Dad
University of Michigan Communications Department

Cox Blue: Exclusive Interview: Mark Schaefer on Breaking Through The Wall of Noise
Cox Blue: Interview: John Nosta on How Digital Health Is the Future
Cox Blue: Bryan Kramer on Making Social Media Human – SXSW
Cox Blue: Joel Comm with Brian Fanzo on Being a Change Evangelist – SXSW
Building Champions: The 7 Keys to Successful Conflict Resolution

– Photography and Interviews –
Hatch Originals

– Email Marketing –
New Product Thursday
4 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts
We’re In Time’s Top Ten!
Meet Shelby

– Branding-
Hatch to Hatch.co Powerpoint
Momtage.co – a montage of moms for mother’s day – website creation, copy, and programming Instragram to website

– Social Media Articles –
Pinterest: Why It’s Important for Your Business
What People Look at on a Facebook Brand Page

– Shei Magazine –
Music For the Summer: Owl City

– Personal, Non-professional Blog –
The 13 Best Things Jaden and Willow Smith Have Ever Said
What is American Culture and Why Everyone Should Major in It
Travel Post: L.A.-ing Around
News Report: Norwegian Airlines Cheap Flights to London
Buzzfeed Style Post:
10 Reasons Why Mary Sue Coleman is Killing It At The University of Michigan
News Roundup: 10 Things You Need to Read This Monday

– Academic Pieces –
Wikipedia Style Entry on Copyright Legality of Social Media Entity:
The Legality of Pinterest
Compare and Contrast:
Motown: The Capitalist Road to Equality
Media Analysis:
Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Is Sabrina the Fairest of Them All?

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