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‘By My Side’ by Great Good Fine Ok Is My New Commute Song

Band: Great Good Fine Ok For Fans of: Penguin Prison, Capital Cities, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I find falsetto extremely pleasing to the ear. I’m not positive why, perhaps because I can’t hit high notes myself? One thing I am positive about, however, is that I also love men in robes, and the lead singer of Great Good Fine Ok, Jon Sandler, sports many robe-like outfits in various ornate varieties. The other half of the band is Luke Moellman, who provides the bouncy production and apparently enjoys, “really good, snobby, Brooklyn artisanal fried chicken.” Don’t we all. It’s not a shock that I like this Brooklyn-based band, since their EP Body Diamond was released by my former cohorts over at Neon Gold and they are going on tour with the fantastic Betty Who. My favorite song they have out is By My Side, a melodic albeit a little repetitive song, but the repetition and catchy hook is what gives it, it’s unique lullaby/dance feel. I particularly relish the hypnotic quality when I’m walking on crowded streets or on my stressful subway commute home. Listen below: …

Sylvan Esso is like Alt-J with Female Vocals

Time for some light Tuesday listening from Durham, NC based band Sylvan Esso. With Nick Sanborn creating the electronics and Amelia Meath’s voice, the duo produces an electro-pop sound tinged with folk. The awesome result is something that sounds like the child of Alt-J and Coco Rosie. Both members started out in other bands, Megafaun and Mountain Man, and though those influences are clearly heard, Meath chalks up their sound and chemistry to something else: “We both have really strong listening backgrounds,” Meath told NPR. “Nick comes from a jazz background [and] I come from a folk background, where one of the main, important ingredients is being really present … and able to react in the moment.” While I’m not a huge fan of the visual choices for many of their current music videos, the song Coffee is perfect for a rainy day, and it indeed is raining here in NYC.