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On Set with The Wild Honey Pie’s Welcome Campers Part 1

A few weeks ago I attended The Wild Honey Pie‘s Welcome Campers SXSW series right outside of Austin, TX. If those words mean nothing to you they will soon when you realize that you too could attend one of these awesome events for free. Welcome Campers is basically a music video set and you are an extra. You will be hanging out in a beautiful setting and seeing intimate performances by up and coming bands while eating and drinking for free. There’s usually only 100 spots for extras I mean campers so the group of people who won spots was quite eclectic. The bands who played during my stay at Camp Champions in Marble Falls, TX included Oh Land, The Eastern Sea, Wild Child, On An On, and surprise guest Talib Kweli. On the first day, we arrived at camp and Oh Land played an upbeat set where we danced and made crafts. We got to explore the rest of the ground, which were pretty fancy for a kids summer camp. Also lots of obligatory Texas …

Sorry I’m Slow, Here is an Update

I ate a giant calzone with an egg and spinach in it from Motorinos. It came with bacon and sauce and cheese but all on the side. It was strange. and for good measure, here it is from the other side! I also went to a party in the Penthouse of the LES Thompson Hotel, which was lovely and had a fireplace. Selfies were taken That’s all for now. Promise I’ll be better soon.

Event: Shinola Flagship Store Opening

Shinola, a Detroit founded and based leather goods, watch and bike store opened their flagship store in tribeca last weekend. My friend Sheena worked on the architecture and interior of the space and it is absolutely gorgeous. Shinola opening! Bravo Sheena! — Kristine (@Kr1stine_) September 14, 2013 There was lots of swag too, among the beautiful leather goods a shiny bikes there was a counter of free Detroit Brewing Works beer and some free Shinola cola to go with your Slows BBQ. Slows wasn’t free unfortunately :)

Event: Mayer Hawthorne’s Album Release Party (also sorry to Large Professor)

Last night I had a plus one to Mayer Hawthorne’s Album release party at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and took my lovely friend Rosa who is an interviewer for Pigeons and Planes (You can check out Rosa’s interviews with Baauer, Macklemore etc. here). Questlove opened (he played an impressively long, almost 2 hour set) and Mayer brought down the house playing until just before midnight when his album dropped. Quest love opening for Mayer hawthorne’s album release party — Kristine Colosimo (@Kr1stine_) July 16, 2013 Large Professor came out for a cameo and rapped at the end of Mayer Hawthorne’s new single: I didn’t know who Large Professor was, made the mistake of tweeting that fact, and experienced some crazy twitter backlash thanks to Large Professor retweeting my ignorance! SORRY EVERYONE I AM UNEDUCATED ABOUT HIP HOP. Sorry everyone, SORRY!!!!