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Restaurant Review: Buttermilk Channel

Cuisine: New American Address: 524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 Oh Buttermilk Channel, you are so good – serving Chicken and Waffles to Brooklyn before Southern Food made it’s hip comeback and took over all of Williamsburg! It also has a very cute, Brooklyn centric story behind its name as documented by Walt Whitman. A long time ago, children, you could walk from Brooklyn to Governors Island. During the low tide, Revolutionary-Era farmers would walk their cows across a sandbar to graze on the island. However, if they stayed too late, the tide rose and the cow’s “lacteal process” apparently was affected by the water resulting in sour milk. So the waterway between Brooklyn and Governors Island became known as the Buttermilk Channel! At least that’s one story. There are a few. It also makes the list of Top 5 Places to Eat Dinner with your Parents In BK! IMPORTANT: Monday night there is a $30 3 course tasting menu. Did you read that? $30 for 3 courses! AMAZING. Also Tuesday is free corkage, aka bring your …

Restaurant Review: Colonie

Cuisine: “American Nouveau” Address: 127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Colonie is a solid restaurant. It has a vertical garden on the wall, which is cool. It also has some of the better cocktails I’ve had at a trendy restaurant, which is saying a lot considering most all Brooklyn restaurants try to excel in the cocktail arena. It makes the list of Brooklyn’s 5 Best Dinner Spots to Hit Up With Your Parents and is a great date spot. I have to mimic what most of the other existing reviews say about Colonie – they do a fantastic job on the small plates but the mains are nothing to write home about. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to get any mains, it just means you need to maintain a good ratio. Using my super scientific skills I’ve determined you should have about 3 sides for every main, and one main for every 3 people you are with. Roughly. I mean…it’s not an exact science, despite my super scientific skills. Obviously base it off of how much you personally …

Sorry I’m Slow, Here is an Update

I ate a giant calzone with an egg and spinach in it from Motorinos. It came with bacon and sauce and cheese but all on the side. It was strange. and for good measure, here it is from the other side! I also went to a party in the Penthouse of the LES Thompson Hotel, which was lovely and had a fireplace. Selfies were taken That’s all for now. Promise I’ll be better soon.