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The 8 Most Ridiculous Things Donald Trump Said in His Presidential Campaign Launch

That’s EXACTLY what we need!

Unless you live under a very large rock you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump has put his hat in the ring to run for President. You’ve probably also read various Twitter headlines and seen pictures with quotes about how rich he is or how he thinks all immigrants are rapists (except the few that he assumes might be good people) or how he knows what our country needs but you probably didn’t watch it. Which is precisely why Chelsea watched it for you!

Obviously he said some ridiculous, xenophobic, classist, and ignorant things but we can’t really pretend like we didn’t already know he was like that. So Chelsea identified 8 things Trump said that we found utterly ridiculous in a completely different way:

1. “I made websites for 3 dollars!”

Websites do not cost 3 dollars. I know because this website isn’t even important and it costs more than $3.

2. “When did we beat Japan at anything?”

*cough* World War II *cough*

3. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created”

A man known for the catchphrase “You’re Fired” is going to be the greatest jobs president every created by God…

4. “I like China! I just sold an apartment for 15 million dollars to someone from China!”

Roughly translates to: “I like money, I’ll take it from anyone”

5. “I’m the one who made the right predictions about Iraq”

Yeah, WTF guys, why didn’t we just listen to Donald! He’s a foreign policy extraordinaire and war hero in the WWE hall of fame!

6. “I’m going to call the head of Ford, Who I Know.”


7. “I think I am a nice person. I give a lot of money away.”

I’ll just leave this here: “A TSG review of the group’s Internal Revenue Service returns dating back to 1990 reveals that Trump, the foundation’s president, may be the least charitable billionaire in the United States.”

8. “I promise I will never be in a bicycle race.”



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