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Cuteness Overload: New Android Commercial Features Unlikely Animal Friendships

Why yes, that is a lion cub with some meerkat friends! And yes, it looks a little like The Lion King but that’s not today’s featured Disney movie! Let me take you on a magical journey back to 1973 when a little movie called Robin Hood came out.

As I’m sure you remember, the film featured a band of talking animal friends which is the case with a plethora of Disney movies, however the soundtrack was a complete departure from all past and present animated Disney films, utilizing a style known as American Folk Music.

With Texas-born singer Roger Miller responsible for most of the songs and even providing the narration as a singing rooster, Robin Hood was a movie where two things that were not the same went together. This was an incredible move by Disney, staying true to Medieval dress and settings while updating the soundtrack to a twangy Americana sound.

For example, Miller’s folk style somehow lends itself perfectly to voice the lamentations of what were originally English peasants:

“While he taxes us to pieces
And he robs us of our bread
King Richard’s crown keeps slippin’ down
Around that pointed head
Ah! But while there is a merry man
in Robin’s wily pack
We’ll find a way to make him pay
And steal our money back”

The Phony King of England, performed by Phil Harris

This band of animals made up of varying species who steal from the rich and give to the poor are a perfect metaphor for working together despite differences. Android realized how appropriate the the iconic film’s most famous song, O-Da-Lalli, was for these videos of adorable, unlikely animal friendships. With the end message tweaked to fit their needs, their campaign is called, “Be together, Not the same.” Well played Android, most likely no one could stop themselves from feeling warm and fuzzy inside watching this:

It’s unclear if this will actually help them sell phones but it did make me feel nostalgic for Robin Hood. Luckily it’s streaming on Netflix in the US or you can always buy a copy for keeps: Digital | Hard Copy DVD


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