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10 Entertainment News Stories To Help You Make Friends at Parties This Weekend

[Image: Business Insider]

Because my job entails keeping up on all the entertainment news, from Elle Fanning dyeing her hair a silky chestnut brown to knowing way more about Young Adult novel adaptations than I ever wanted to, I am now basically an encyclopedia of the latest happenings in Hollywood. NBD. I’ve noticed that I’ve begun telling people who are less involved in the world of entertainment all about said happenings at parties, at bars, at restaurants, on the subway, ok not on the subway. Generally people seem interested, because who wants to talk about politics and free speech anyways! Amirite?

Here’s a little Entertainment News round up for the week of January 12, 2015. You will be so in-the-know after reading this. Then you can go forth and regurgitate the material you read here at any social gathering you may find yourself at. After, let me know how many new friends you make! No really, I am genuinely interested to know.

1. Michael Keaton is In Talks to Star in a Movie About…McDonalds

Keaton made a valiant comeback in Birdman and isn’t stopping now. He is reportedly in talks to star in the film The Founder, showcasing the “dark story” of the rise of the McDonald’s fast food empire. If you ask me, that title sounds a lot like that one movie about the founding of Facebook called The Social Network, except this time it will be about french fries and drive through windows instead of Harvard and the internet. The Hollywood Reporter announced that sources say Keaton met with John Lee Hancock (who will direct) on Monday, received an offer this week and is now in talks to take on the role of Kroc.

2. The Oscars Are the Whitest Since 1998

Boo. The Oscars are under social media fire because there’s not one non-caucasian actor nominated, Selma got snubbed and it matters for many reasons beyond critical acclaim, and this chart of every minority nominee by year is seriously depressing:

Remember, those are just the nominees, meaning basically none of them not all of them won. Even George Lucas, who is an old white man himself, thinks the academy is bullsh*t, except he said it a lot more eloquently. #oscarssowhite

3. Dexter Alum Will Play the Villian in CW’s The Flash

[Image: uinterview] Remember this kid from Dexter? Well he’s a villain now.


The Flash has cast Dexter alum Devon Graye as a villain, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Graye played teenage Dexter on the Showtime drama, and now he’ll be playing Axel Walker, a copycat version of The Trickster.

4. ‘LEGO Movie’ Director Has An Awesome Response To Not Being Nominated For An Oscar

The LEGO Movie, which was amazing no matter what age you are, was not nominated for best animated feature in this year’s Academy Award nominations. Director Phil Lord wasted no time in responding on Twitter:

5. Viola Davis Wants to Be on Game of Thrones and Murder Someone with a Spear

Awesome. I fully support this. Davis (star of How to Get Away With Murder) told TV Guide:

“I would love to be on ‘Game of Thrones. I love that show. I would want to play a character like Diana Rigg. Like, a really great, just no-nonsense formidable queen. But I want to kill somebody. With a spear. How’s that?” 

That’s good. That’s very good Viola.

[Image: bwwstatic] Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones

6. Sorry Bronies, Netflix Wants to Break Up

Netflix is dropping “My Little Pony” and “Transformers” from its streaming service next month after a failure to come to terms with Hasbro Studios on a new deal. Other shows leaving Netflix on Feb. 2 are “G.I. Joe,” “Pound Puppies” and “Chuck and Friends.”

Looks like you’ve got two weeks to binge watch “My Little Pony” and after that you’ll just have to watch that Bronies documentary on repeat.

7. Edgar Wright is Adapting the Acclaimed Novel Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith Thanks to Facebook

Wright (director and writer of Shaun of the Dead) told Vulture:

“I’ll tell you what, here’s what genuinely happened. On Facebook, somebody whom I don’t really know that well said, ‘Edgar Wright, you have to make a movie of Grasshopper Jungle.’ And then underneath, Matt Tolmach — who had the rights to it — wrote, ‘I agree.’ And then Andrew Smith said, ‘I also agree!’ So I emailed Matt and said, ‘Send me this book.'”

And voila! A movie about a teenager who comes of age while battling against giant grasshoppers and discovers his blossoming bisexuality. I’ve got an interview with author Andrew Smith in the works. Look for that soon.

8. Tom Hardy Has Dropped Out of Ayer’s Suicide Squad

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.11.14 PM

Tom Hardy can’t fit Suicide Squad into his schedule so the part of Rick Flagg is up for grabs. Firstshowing.net reports that Warner Brother’s Studio is looking at you, Jake Gyllenhaal!

9. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is the Fastest Selling R-Rated Movie in Fandango History

Not that that’s much of a surprise considering America’s recently exposed burning desire for BDSM material per Fifty Shades of Grey book sales. THR reports that though the movie doesn’t come out until February 13th, it’s already sold more advance tickets in its first week of sales than Sex and the City 2, The Hangover Part II, The Hangover Part III and Gone Girl.

10. Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz Are All Grown Up

Here’s a role quite unlike any other we’ve seen Chloe Grace Moretz in. Certainly her character was “dark” in Carrie, but in French director Olivier AssayasClouds of Sils Maria, Moretz’s character seems more mean-spirited than misunderstood. She plays a budding Hollywood starlet named Jo-Ann Ellis who is described in the synopsis as having “a penchant for scandal.”

Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche are the actual stars of the movie and the trailer was just released by Sundance Selects (watch below). The film revolves around an aging actress (Binoche) who is gearing up to star in a new production of the play that made her famous years ago, only this time she’ll be taking on the “older woman” role, while a confident younger actress (Moretz) tackles the lead. It looks all sorts of interesting.


That’s the news for this week. Happy Friday!


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