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Watch: The Best Video of Sia’s Chandelier Dance (No, It Wasn’t A Bet)

[Image: Billboard]

Everyone is talking about the guy who recreated the dance from Sia’s Chandelier when he lost a Fantasy Football bet. I admit that it is mildly entertaining even though Lena Dunham, Jimmy Kimmel, and more have already lent their lack of dancing skills to the cause back in the day.

Though you’ve probably already seen it along with 1,248,959 other people, here it is for the sake of comparison:

Of course the general criticism seems to be that learning this choreography was a lot of work, and no “bet loser” would put forth this much effort if he didn’t sort of want to do it – but it’s charming nevertheless. He seems happy with his Internet fame as per his most current Instagram.

However, the video involving Chandelier’s famous dance that everyone should talk about instead is this short film featuring the choreographer himself, Ryan Heffington. Not only can he actually dance, as that is what he does for a living, but he has also named each dance move with an oddly specific action. It’s absolutely hilarious. I dare you to not smile whilst listening to his narration.

Now you too can do the Chandelier dance and have a never ending dialogue of, “Fork, fork! Stab it in the wall! Throw it out!” in your head! Maybe this is how fantasy football guy learned.

I loved this video from the moment I first saw it back in October. There is something strangely mesmerizing about Heffington’s performance even with the silly narration. The director of the short, Andrea Sisson, speculates on this point saying:

“At that moment I realized how visceral and specific those moves are and why audiences respond so strongly to his choreography. It’s absurd, but it’s real life.”

 Why do you think these strange moves resonate with us?


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