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Watch: Renowned Danish Architect Knud Holscher On Living In A “Strange Box”

[Image: jydepejsen]

“On an expansive plot down a leafy cul-de-sac 25 minutes north of Copenhagen sits a spectacular boxy brick-and-glass house. Situated in the sleepy suburb of Holte, it is at once unpretentious, poetic and understated—much like the man who built it.”

Knud Holscher is one of the most renowned Danish architects living today. Born in 1930, he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1957 and as far as I can tell, seems like a very chill, humble guy. He even refers to himself as “little Knud,” which is a really adorable thing to call oneself.

Nowness takes you on a lovely video tour through his home, which is shaped like a box. Holscher talks about how math and innovation can correlate, as well as some of the arguments against a house shaped like his.

The most peculiar complaint was that having a living room and kitchen so close together would result in fowl smells when one’s wife cooked fried herring, but Holscher assures you it’s not really a problem.

“Holscher’s home is filled with personal evidence of his utmost taste: the large canvases on the walls are by his daughter, the painter Tine Holscher; the majority of the furniture is by the late Poul Kjærholm, a star of Danish mid-century modernism, and a dear friend of Holscher’s. Now, after some 40 years in the house, Holscher and his wife are contemplating a move to more modest surroundings. When asked if he’ll miss the house, Holscher admits that indeed, it won’t be easy.”

The house is minimalist, beautifully designed, and very modern. Watch below:



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