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Photos: Renaissance Era Comic Book and Star Wars Characters Are Hilarious

[Images: Sasha Goldberger]          Batman and Robin have never looked so regal. 

French photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a collection of portraits featuring heroes from Marvel and DC as well as characters from Star Wars with a Renaissance spin.

While the costuming is incredibly amusing, the photography itself holds true to the old-timey theme, with the correct Renaissance poses, lighting, and 16th century ambiance.

Currently, I am really debating which of these awesome portraits to make my Twitter background, which will replace Kanye West illustrated as a Wes Anderson character. It’s been a good run, Boyscout Yeezus. And now for your viewing pleasure, Spiderman goes fencing and other confusing pictures:

In affected, old-timey accent commonly used when portraying Shakespeare characters:
“Quite, quite. Well you know my dear Mary Jane, they say with great power comes quite a great amount of responsibility!”

This! 16th century Iron Man is honestly too legit. Those puffy pants, the ruffled neck piece, and the baroque pattern on his helmut – he’s like an awesome red and gold pilgrim of the future.

Hold up. Renaissance Hulk? If you had asked me to style a Renaissance Hulk I would have just been like, “He’s muscular, green, wears practically no clothes and has an almost mullet, how am I supposed to make him look old?” Well ladies and gentleman, this is how.

Is old-timey Superman wearing a skirt? I think he might be wearing a skirt. Still, Sir Clarkson Kentingtonsonworth (because British) is as handsome as ever. Also important to note the perfectly placed, single strand hair curl.

Meow! Catwoman is both hot and sad at once in that big dress with her singular cat. Maybe she is distraught because she is in a love triangle between Batman and being a sassy, independent villain I mean, woman. And also the fact that she had to trade in her skin-tight leather jumpsuit for a big funeral-esque dress.

But the Joker be like, “B*tch please.”

Wonder Woman looks dangerously like Snow White here, and also kind of pregnant. But into the cape.

Darth Vader in his party pants.

Doth Storm Trooper. Ok, that didn’t make sense, but I was just proud of myself for remembering that these were called Storm Troopers.

To the tune of Cassidy’s hit song, My Drink n My 2 Step featuring Swizz Beats: “I got my gun and my bustier, my gun and my bustier.

Oh, hey Chewie. Wow…you look great… Did you do something with your hair? That middle-part… yeah…wow.

In Star Wars, C3PO is kind of annoying and no one remembers his name as he is forever living in the shadows of  brave and adorable R2-D2, but now… well, no one is prone to forget an image like this.


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