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Watch: The Most Novel Aaron Sorkin Parody Yet

Seth Meyers and Amy Schumer Parody Aaron Sorkin and Why Being Made Fun of Is Actually a Compliment

And just when you thought every Aaron Sorkin sketch that could be done had been done, Late Night with Seth Meyers did another one talking about how every Aaron Sorkin sketch that could be done has been done, and it’s actually very funny.

If you are a fan of The West Wing or The Newsroom (or if you’ve never seen The West Wing go watch it on Netflix now), Meyers does a great job breaking down the structure of both shows. He achieves this by talking about making an Aaron Sorkin parody while he is in the act of making an Aaron Sorkin parody, from the passing of papers, and the walking and talking, to “an impassioned speech by a low level staff member.” He is definitely channeling a lot of The West Wing’s Josh Lyman in his demeanor, plus there’s a little cameo from Aaron Sorkin himself.

Josh Lyman, the snarky, sort of playboy in The West Wing

I once made a joke that the only response used in The West Wing is a curt, “yeah.” We watched a few more minutes with at least 4 “yeahs” exchanged and my boyfriend turned to me and said, “You’ve just ruined this show for me.”

Joking aside, being able to parody a screenwriter is actually a measure of success. If your style of writing is so specific that a person can sit down, watch a show, and identify who wrote it you’ve succeeded on some level – there are very few screenwriters who get any recognition despite being great at their jobs.

Watch the clip from Late Night With Seth Meyer’s below:

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see if these tropes apply in the upcoming Steve Job’s biopic written by Sorkin. I’m not sure, however, when the project is going to come to fruition since both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have now passed on being Steve Jobs while Seth Rogan is in talks to portray Steve Wozniak. They are now courting Michael Fassbender for the role of Jobs. We shall see.

And to end on another funny note, Amy Schumer’s ‘The Food Room’ is also worth watching, which directly parodies The Newsroom:


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