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10 Things You Need to Read This Monday

1. Winter is Coming… Now
“The remnants of super Typhoon Nuri rolled up north over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on Friday, kicking off the ripple of Arctic air in the other direction.” – CNN

It’s about to get really cold up in here and we have our new friend named, “bomb cyclone” to thank for the sudden weather change. If “bomb cyclone” doesn’t sound ominous, I don’t know what does.

The National Weather Service says that very, very cold air from Canada is being pulled over to the northern Plains and Mountain States and the Upper Midwest which is resulting in plunging temperatures below freezing. Expect snow and/or very cold weather if you’re anywhere but the Deep South and Southwest, which are forecasted to feel like a fall-like warm zone. Personally, I’m very upset about this because Fall is the best and Brooklyn was looking so good this weekend.

2. Interstellar is out and apparently confusing people everywhere, including Neil deGrasse Tyson.

It looks like he live tweeted his viewing of Interstellar to let everyone know what was accurate, and what was just confusing:

While there may be no published book, here to help is a cool Infographic that breaks down the plot (but beware there are SPOILERS! so scroll down if you want to protect yourself).

However, it seemed like Neil was impressed with their scientific research overall:

But he reminds us that he’s not giving a review, he’s just here for Science ya’ll:


3. I’m Postponing my Trip to Mexico Because A Bunch of Kids Were Murdered

Over the weekend, the Mexican government announced that a group of students who went missing six weeks ago were probably murdered by drug gang members. Everyone is angry about it and Mexico isn’t looking any safer than it was before. There are some developments in the case as last week the ex-mayor of the town where the students went missing was arrested along with his wife. They are suspected in being instrumental in a lot of shady stuff.
Read more on The Sydney Morning Herald >>

4. Because who doesn’t want this?

5. Canada Has Disappointed Me and the Prostitutes

That’s not a phrase I ever foresaw typing. Thanks to my one disgruntled Canadian friend on Twitter, I now know that Canada has just created a community program for women, men, and transgender individuals who have been “sexually exploited through prostitution” which sounds fine until you realize it’s being run by The Salvation Army, an organization with a very homophobic history in the United States and Canada and a massive pedophilic sexual abuse scandal in Australia.
You can read about the cases on good old Wikipedia >>


6. Taylor Swift’s New Music Video ‘Blank Spaces’ Leaked Early on Yahoo…

But then it got taken down so you can’t watch it. However, some lucky people did get to watch it, like this Guardian reporter who wrote a satirical article making fun of how un-original and trope ridden T Swift’s new video is.

If you aren’t really a Taylor fan, or you just never analyzed her music video, take a look at ‘You Belong With Me.’ There’s a hot guy, a nerdy girl who loves him, and a popular girl who he loves – not cliché at all!

UPDATE: Now you can watch it

7. Yay Detroit!
On Friday, a federal judge approved the city’s plan to exit bankruptcy.

The city will shed $7 billion worth of debt and $1.7 billion will also be invested into city services like fixing abandoned buildings and buying fire trucks and ambulances. If all goes well, Danny Brown will have to find new source material. Fingers crossed.
Read More on The Detroit Freepress >>

8. David Chang of Momofuku is Trying to Change the Food Game Again
Much to my delight, Chang announced that he has partnered with a group of tech entrepreneurs to launch Maple, a mobile-based food delivery company based in NYC.

Maple is set to launch early next year and will feature lunch and dinner options for about $12-15 (tax and tip included). Chang will oversee the culinary board of directors, which will include other NYC chefs. Sounds pretty awesome.
Read Original on Food & Wine >>

9. Mindy Kaling Sums up NYC in Two Tweets


10. Amanda Bynes Will Probably Never Follow You

And you probably knew that, but in case you were still holding out hope, she wanted to let everyone know she only follows hot people.

But in her defense she does lead with the fact that she realizes this is not condoned by society.

So that’s everything you need to know this Monday.


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