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BBC Music is Here, and Dear God Is It Charming

This video is so whimsical, lovely, and all things sugar and spice.

The cast is pretty incredible ranging from Elton John, Florence & the Machine, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell, and Lorde, to Dave Grohl, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Sam Smith, Kylie Minogue, Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Brian May (Queen), and of course, the original Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).

Even One Direction’s appearance can’t ruin this for me. I don’t really know what “BBC Music” entails but the real question is, how can I get the full version of Sam Smith singing God Only Knows?


Ok fine, I do know what BBC music entails. They are finally expanding their coverage to include all things musical with original programming and special content.

According to Forbes, well known British celebrities were included like presenter Zane Lowe and former Squeeze member/popular talk show host Jools Holland in order to ensure Brits that BBC Music will be UK centric. The video was filmed at Alexandra Palace Theatre in north London, which is where the BBC first broadcast 90 years ago.

Just to make the event sweeter, all sales of the song will go towards the BBC’s Children in Need program – a charity that, according to their mission statement, helps the children of the UK reach their full potential. While that’s pretty vague, it looks like there are a range of programs dealing with helping children with special needs and other issues.

Bravo BBC.


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