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Restaurant Review: Buttermilk Channel

Cuisine: New American
Address: 524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Oh Buttermilk Channel, you are so good – serving Chicken and Waffles to Brooklyn before Southern Food made it’s hip comeback and took over all of Williamsburg! It also has a very cute, Brooklyn centric story behind its name as documented by Walt Whitman. A long time ago, children, you could walk from Brooklyn to Governors Island. During the low tide, Revolutionary-Era farmers would walk their cows across a sandbar to graze on the island. However, if they stayed too late, the tide rose and the cow’s “lacteal process” apparently was affected by the water resulting in sour milk. So the waterway between Brooklyn and Governors Island became known as the Buttermilk Channel! At least that’s one story. There are a few. It also makes the list of Top 5 Places to Eat Dinner with your Parents In BK!

IMPORTANT: Monday night there is a $30 3 course tasting menu. Did you read that? $30 for 3 courses! AMAZING. Also Tuesday is free corkage, aka bring your own bottle of wine night.

Drinks: Buttermilk Channel has a solid cocktail list. However, I tend to go with a full bottle of wine when dining there. You can find pretty reasonably priced bottles and that means you can have many bottles. Very impressive cider selection as well, if that’s your bag.

Food: Again, the menu is always changing, but some staples below.
Snacks: Maple and Bacon Roasted Almonds + Cornbread with Chile and Maple Butter = YES

Butternut Squash Tart – If this is on the menu, you better get it. Such sweet memories, it’s so good.
Grilled Flatbread – Housemade buttermilk ricotta, snap peas, pea shoots and lemon oil. Duh.
Cold Carrott Soup – this has ginger and all sorts of delectable flavors in it. It’s very subtle and a fantastic meal starter

Main: Buttermilk Fried Chicken – this comes with cheddar waffles and a strange balsamic syrup. It’s super interesting and very filling. Definitely not your average chicken and waffle. The Hake is super delicious as well, but not as filling.
All the mains are solid. Also there is usually a main dish that’s on special for the night, not on the regular menu. Also always a good call.



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