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Watch Americans Eat Canadian Snacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

“I didn’t know Canada had a cuisine,” starts this Buzzfeed video, making Americans officially look like the ignorant a-holes  I mean,  culinary geniuses we’re known to be.

That aside, this video is pretty entertaining and informative even for those of us that try to be culturally aware. Besides Poutine and Maple Candies, I can’t say that I’ve heard of or eaten a majority of these Canadian snacks! I grew up in Ann Arbor, MI, a whopping 50 minute drive away from Canada. We had Tim Hortons before the rest of the U.S. and I frequented the great city of Toronto from my early childhood all the way until I ventured there in college to buy a fake (super, super fake) ID that said I was from Montreal. I figured if it was in French, they wouldn’t know if it was real! I overlooked the small detail that I can’t speak French either. Oh well – Long Live French Canada!

All in French. V. French.

I did eventually make it to Montreal, now more than once, and it’s an absolutely fantastic spot. The point is, I thought I knew lots of things about Canada. Not so! In addition to (some, not all) Canadians buying their milk in bags and not in cartons, I can add things like the all dressed chip and Nanaimo bars (reallllly want) to my list of Canadian things to try!




  1. Anonymous says

    FYI – not all Canadians buy bagged milk. Those things are damn hard to pour properly!

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