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Are You Happy? This Dancing 3 Year Old Might Make You Think Twice:

This little boy is so cute. You’ll laugh at his spirit, his spunk, and of course his dance moves. I loved the female judge’s disdain at being referred to as “grandma.” The ending is no doubt touching for everyone and you can’t help but feel it too despite trying to fight the cheesy music that is cued. Many of you may have seen this video before, but I wonder if you ever considered the following:

At the same time that this video makes me very happy, it makes me very sad. I can’t deny that it’s a very entertaining 9 minutes, yet I almost feel bad for buying into it. Who knows if he actually likes to dance on the plaza everyday. I imagine before his father joins them dancing on the plaza, that he goes to a factory or construction job, making a meager wage assembling our iPhones and so this little boy goes to the Plaza to dance with his mom, grandma, aunts, and cousins to make some extra money. One day he will become too old to dance on the plaza and will probably have to get a job just like his dad’s. If he is a full-time street performer, income is probably pretty unstable.

Maybe I am completely wrong and making wild assumptions. While I’ve been to China, I’ve never been to the little boy’s specific provence. Maybe he truly is happy. We can only hope.


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