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London for $300? Sign Me Up!


Ever heard of Norwegian Airlines? My answer is a pretty wavering maybe but that’s all about to change. The airline will be offering flights to London Gatwick Airport from New York, L.A., and Fort Lauderdale, FL starting at £149 according to The Huffington Post. For us Americans that’s about $246!

However, for a normal flying experience it will end up costing you $300 at least as there is a $50 charge for seat reservations, meals, and luggage. Still, not bad at all compared to a normal flight to London town which usually ranges $550 and up in the off season and closer to the $1000 and above mark in peak season.

Norwegian additionally boasts being “the first airline to offer high-speed broadband on flights within Europe,” which the entire fleet will have by March 2013. It’s apparently free as well, but I can’t guarantee that. They did however promise seat-back in-flight entertainment systems for free so you won’t be bored. For an airline that is compared to Ryanair (which makes your entire flight experience a living advertisement), it sounds like the royal treatment.

Too good to be true? Possibly. While looking at their site I’m running into problems. How about a quick trip to Paris for $300? Sounds awesome! But alas, no return flights (for the next two months). There’s definitely a lack of scheduled flights to certain destinations that makes taking Norwegian during specific dates or even at all a major issue. Perhaps this will improve with time. As for the London flights, Norwegian plans on having three weekly New York to London flights and twice weekly flights to Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale, so booking in advance definitely is going to be key.

Worth it? Only time can tell!


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  1. Thanks so much for the share! I am always looking for cheaper options for travelling abroad and this is something I will keep an eye on. Cheers!

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