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Travel: The Real Portlandia

I’d like to share my favorite quote about Portland, Oregon.

Ylvis in Manhattan, October 2013 PHOTO BY JOLIE RUBEN

Ylvis, the Norwegian group that sings “What Does the Fox Say,” apparently has a brother that lives in Portland. Here is a European man’s description of the city as told to Spin:

“Yeah it’s good,” he says. “There’s good beer and good coffee. The girls aren’t so good. But if you drink enough beer, then the girls get better, and then you drink the coffee in the morning when you’re hung over. So it works out.”

I don’t have my own commentary on the women of Portland, but I’m definitely down with the beer, the coffee, and the donuts.


Pioneer Square, Portland, OR

Let’s start with the Beer. A friend from college grew up in Portland and told me the Microbrewery Hair of the Dog was an absolute must. I met up with my friend Andre for a little beer and bread pudding!

Everyone suggests the “From the Wood – A rotating selection of barrel aged beers,” and on the day I was there it was a Bourban Aged Fred. It was so thick (it’s the dark beer in the picture) almost like a beer cocktail, and definitely strong! The Lila was a lovely light beer. Both delicious. The tasting menu is pretty awesome, most beers are around $2 for a taste (which is the size you are seeing in the picture). Full sized beers are very reasonable, at $2.50-$8 for 12 oz.

After we explored the river walk and some of the shops in the “hipster” area of Portland on East Burnside.

For Dinner I was looking for something very “Portland.” Luckily, my research paid off and we ended up at Ned Ludd.

Portland Food and Drink Reports:

“The Luddites were 19th-century English textile artisans, who violently protested against the machinery introduced during the Industrial Revolution. Chef Jason French pays homage to their mascot, Ned Ludd, for whom the movement was named, and cooks everything from a wood-fired oven. No other source of heat is used; it’s all very Portland.”

So Portland:

I asked for “the most Northwestern thing on the menu.” I got an entire fish filled with summer squash. It was magical.

The Matador is a famed Portland Dive Bar with sometimes bad live music and a clothing optional photo booth. There are a lot of boobs to be seen and music history in the space.

And lastly, the donuts. I also had Stumptown Coffee but it turns out I’m not a big fan. It’s a little too bitter for my tastes – but boy is it strong! The donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts were awesome. They have an incredibly large and unique selection. I met some nice people from China outside, we discussed my trip to Shanghai. I also talked to a man from Texas who was wearing a University of Michigan windbreaker, but tragically did not attend there – it was just $5 at a thrift store. So close to some Michigan camaraderie!


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