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Travel: Camping in Sequoia National Park


Sorry I’ve been slow on the updates. Currently bouncing around from NYC to LA, Portland, and San Francisco.

While I was in LA for my 4th time, as a former vehement hater of Los Angeles, I have to say that the 4th time is the charm. I left feeling pretty ok about LA.

Due to my track record of thinking LA is the worst place on earth (save maybe Miami), I made arrangements to go camping in Sequoia National Park. Which is gorgeous. And phone service-less. Unless, like me, you find yourself at the top of a mountain and miraculously your cell phone works again.

My friend Erin and I camped at a lower elevation campsite, because we weren’t prepared to freeze our asses off. Sequoia is largely a driving National Park anyways. You have to drive up General Highway to get to most trails. We, of course, saw the tallest tree in the world, and survived the apocalypse of Moro Rock.


IMG_7588 IMG_7593

IMG_7631 IMG_7641 IMG_7652


The next day, after a rainy night inhibiting us from making a fire and thus eating our food while be forced to eat snacks in the car because a black bear was at our campsite trying to eat everything, we drove up to the National Forest to hike up Big Baldy. We also had a decadent breakfast with a fire. Mmm morning marshmallows.

IMG_7707 IMG_7730 IMG_7743


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