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People Are Still Racist: Nina Davuluri, The First Indian Miss America

Congratulations to Nina Davuluri, the first Indian Miss America. She is also a fellow Wolverine and happens to have been in my sorority (yes I was in a sorority, shhh don’t tell). She was always very sweet.

I think it’s exciting and awesome to have a culturally diverse Miss America. America is the melting pot after all, that’s what they say….that’s what they’ve always been saying. Yet there are hoards of people out there who are posturing that Nina isn’t American, or American enough.

If you don’t believe me, take a look over here or here where people say things like: “If you’re #MissAmerica you should have to be American,” and worse yet, “How can you be Miss AMERICA and look like you should be a gas station clerk or motel owner? this country though <<< #MissAmerica,” posted by a boy whose twitter handle is @Oneproudhonkie. God help us.

I’m sorry, @Oneproudhonkie,  but Nina was born in the United States, she has never, in fact, lived outside of the United States (besides maybe study abroad). She attended Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and University (with me) in the United States. She still lives….wait for it….in the United States!!!! She has no accent when she speaks and doesn’t plan on leaving the United States! GUYS SHE’S AMERICAN, SHE HAS A PASSPORT THAT SAYS U.S.A.

Even if she had an accent and had just become a citizen of the United States yesterday she would still be American. That is called immigration. It’s something that a lot of people from different countries do to a lot of other countries. See the way it works is that one person from a certain country leaves and goes to another and becomes a full fledged citizen of that new country. Then they live there and have children and businesses and a life and even government approved identification that verifies they indeed belong in that country! It’s what the ancestors of every single person who lives in the United States did unless you are 100% Native American and lived on North America before the social construct “country” was created.

Ignorance from people about issues like these are just upsetting. Good thing Nina’s entire campaign is to, “Celebrate diversity through cultural competency.”

Congratulations Nina, you’re beautiful and intelligent. Represent America well, as you are indeed an AMERICAN.



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