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Video: An American Soldier with His Head in the Right Place

It’s 9/11, a day no one is likely to forget. While there are still a lot of horrible and racist people in the United States, it’s awesome to see so many people standing up against blatant acts of racism. Of course there’s still the idiot who agrees with the actor, who’s trying to be quiet about it but is still so clearly racist and ridiculous. Overall, it gives me a little hope for humanity though, seeing all the other people who are appalled.

The shining star is obviously the American Soldier who walks in and lays down the law – keeping those good old American values alive, “everyone’s inalienable rights.” While it’s uplifting to see someone in service who understands the true meaning of what serving in the military should be, it’s also important to remember the difference between active and passive racism. The actor saying racist things was actively racist. As would someone who performs hate crimes, says racist things, or discriminates against someone in action form such as choosing not to hire someone of a certain race. The man who agreed with the racist actor was also actively racist. Conversely, all of those people who stood up for the Muslim actor were working against racism, however everyone who chose not to say anything was being passively racist. If you choose to not do anything to end racism, it doesn’t mean you’re not racist just because you’re not doing anything  actively racist. You’re endorsing or allowing racist things to occur. Of course, it’s hard to always be working against racism in your daily life – to always be cognizant. It’s just something to work towards and think about. I applaud everyone in this video who stood up for the Muslim actor.


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