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Food: Je & Jo

Cuisine: Dessert/Ice Cream

Location: 515 W 47th St New York, NY

It’s a little bit of a hike to get out to this small ice cream shop on 47th st. between 10th ave and 11th. However, I was down to get my walk on for the custom Immaculate Infatuation flavor that was available exclusively for the weekend.

It is called “Pretzel Caramel 2: Frozen Boogaloo” and in it is Nutella ice cream, salted caramel, crushed pretzel, vanilla bean ice cream, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Yeah, I bet you’re in a walking mood now too.

The inside, which is then covered with a layer of Nutella ice cream.

Je & Jo is really adorable. It’s a little on the pricey side at $4.00 a cup but inside of these cups is homemade cookie dough with no raw eggs as well as some of the most inventive flavor combinations I’ve seen. The crowd consisted of mostly people walking their dogs, Asian couples on dates, and really cute Hell’s Kitchen Moms with their kids. Maybe it’s because we were there at 5:30pm, but that’s a normal time for Ice Cream, right?

The most intriguing flavors were Earl Grey with Shortbread cookie dough and Cardamom with snickerdoodle.


Food Report:

Earl Grey & Shortbread: Earl Grey Ice Cream was amazing. It has such a nice tea flavor. The Shortbread cookie dough was a little flavorless. Overall, worth it just for the ice cream.

Pretzel Caramel 2: Frozen Boogaloo: Less impressed with this than I expected, but it’s still good. The pretzel obviously loses its crunch from being smooshed between ice cream. Then again, anything with caramel and nutella is delicious. But it doesn’t matter because there were only 180 of these suckers and so you’ll most likely never taste one! :p

I’ll for sure be back to try that Cardamom and the Fresh mint with lemon lavender shortbread! MMM!


And they serve Grumpy’s coffee!!!



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