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Music: Azealia Banks and Pharrell Should Be Mind Blowing but…

“Racks, Racks, Racks till the ATM Jam, Tell me whatchu wanna do. You’s a bad ass bitch, a bad ass bitch, that gon’ get lost in the fat ass bitch. Racks, racks, racks, till the ATM Jam. Tell me watchu wanna do.”

Why. Those lyrics are… ugh. Seriously Pharrell…that was the BEST thing you could come up with? You have a ton of money and you can use it until the ATM jams? And whoever you’re with (probably Azealia) is a bad ass bitch but is going to get lost? What? Maybe I’m just not cool enough to get this.

Azealia’s parts are ok. I see what Pharrell was trying to do sort of. It seems like he wanted to mimic the style of Banks’ previous songs with the repetition and use of the phrase “Bad ass bitch,” but it didn’t really work out. Oh well. Pharrell has been all up in everything lately. Maybe he’s finally burnt out.

Except MTV seems to think the song is ” so good, in fact, that it almost makes us forget about that we’ve been waiting for Azealia’s debut album for longer than your average Jessica Simpson pregnancy feels like. (But srsly, this is starting to get into Guns N’ Roses‘ Chinese Democracy territory.)”

um….Just no.

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