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Food: How to Make Your Own Ramen Burger


Last night my friend Alison and I made our own Ramen burgers. Alison said it was really an excuse to use every utensil in her house, that is a fair assessment. The first time takes a lot of trial and error! In the end it’s worth it, because it is damn good. Join the ranks of the elite – not many people have had the luxury of trying one! Mostly because you have to wait in line for like…hours and hours and there only 100 of them. Not about that life.


1 packet of ramen – Ichiban Original is the best kind. Go to your Asian store and buy it.
1 egg
Hamburger Beef (1/4 pound per burger)
Neutral Oil (which includes Canola, Grapeseed etc)
Soy Sauce
salt, pepper, garlic powder

Make the Ramen in some water. It takes 3 minutes. You boil the water, put the noodles in, stir occasionally for 3 minutes. Don’t put the packet of seasoning in (I made this mistake) because you are just going to drain the noodles anyways.

Drain the noodles. Whisk an egg in a bowl and then add the whisked egg to the noodles. Stir it up.

You need a round shaped thing. However big your round shaped bowl/cup/pie holder thing is will be how big your Ramen patty is and therefore also determine the size of your burger patty. We used flat bottomed Coffee Mugs, but in the future I would like to use something bigger like flat bottomed bowl so my patty could be bigger and thus my beef patty could be thinner.

Here is an example from Brokelyn

Put saran wrap at the bottom of the apparatus so the sides stick up (so you can pull out the noodles). Put some noodles on top of the saran wrap until it looks bun sized. Then use something to squish it down. Put another layer of saran wrap over it. Do this twice for the bottom and top buns. Repeat if you are making more than one burger. Then put them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

While it’s in the fridge, start getting your other stuff ready. Cut the scallions and mix some in with your beef along with some ramen powder and the salt, pepper, and garlic powder (just judge by sight how much to season it). Mix that stuff together and then pound it into the desired size of your patty.

Now to make the Shoyu sauce. You need to take some soy sauce and ketchup and sriracha and mix it together in a bowl. Also add some more ramen powder seasoning. You want it to tastes mostly like soy sauce. The ketchup is just for consistency. Add some more scallions. Mix it, taste it and stuff. Voila, some sauce.

Put a pan that holds oil well on medium/high heat and put the oil in the pan. Neutral oil means oils with no taste so that means no using Olive Oil. Take the ramen and pull it up out of the apparatus praying it retains shape then quickly put it into the pan either by sliding it off the saran wrap or flipping it into the pan. I found sliding to be more effective. Let it fry until golden brown. About 5 minutes on each side depending on how much noodle and how high your heat is. Put them on a plate with a paper towel over it to let the oil seep out a bit.

Here is another example from Brokelyn

If you can multitask make the burgers at the same time as the ramen patties If you can’t, do it after. Grill the burgers…I’m no grill master, so hopefully you just know how to do that.


Ramen Patty ->Arugula->Beef->lots o’ sauce->scallions->ramen patty.




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