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Something to Consider: The Racial Make Up of the United States

This super cool interactive map breaks down the racial make up of the United States. Each person from the U.S. Census was given and dot and the dots are color coded by race. Play with the map here.

“This map is an American snapshot; it provides an accessible visualization of geographic distribution, population density, and racial diversity of the American people in every neighborhood in the entire country. The map displays 308,745,538 dots, one for each person residing in the United States at the location they were counted during the 2010 Census. Each dot is color-coded by the individual’s race and ethnicity. The map is presented in both black and white and full color versions. In the color version, each dot is color-coded by race.”

For me, it was really interesting to zoom in on areas I’ve lived before like Ann Arbor and NYC. It was also interesting to look at places like Detroit and Minneapolis. Neighborhoods form in segregated fashions for a number of reasons, one being that people will immigrate to areas they already know other people in. That’s why places like Chinatowns are found in almost all major cities of the world. The other reason is specifically a United States phenomenon, which is due in large part to racist practices such as redlining and white flight. If you don’t know what those terms mean, I urge you to click on the links!

For more information about the map itself and the process to create it, you can read about it here.


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