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NYC News: The Lowline – An Underground Garden

This is a pretty cool project – kind of like a parallel to the Highline in Chelsea that reformed an old train track into a park above ground. The creators, James Ramsey (an architect at Raad) and Daniel Barasch want to turn an abandoned Trolly Terminal underground Delancey Street in the Lower East Side. This will help solve the problem that the Lower East Side, traditionally an immigrant neighborhood, has little or no green space.

Controlled by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, this 1.5 acre SPURA (Seward Park Urban Renewal Area) plot has been vacant since 1948. It would be turned into an underground park something like the picture below.



In order to carry this out, they obviously need lots of $$$$. They’ve teamed up with Absolute Vodka and a bunch of cool artists to try to raise money. If you buy a drank at one of these LES establishments, you’re $1 closer to an underground park!

2nd Floor on Clinton
ABSOLUT VODKA, velvet falernum, beet juice, verjus, lemon juice, gum arabic, aromatic & decanter bitters

ABSOLUT VODKA, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, muddled basil, simple syrup

Hotel on Rivington
ABSOLUT Mandarin, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, sriracha, triple sec

Apparently more to come soon.


I definitely wouldn’t mind have a swanky underground park just across the Williamsburg bridge!



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