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Video: Ashton Kutcher’s Advice on How to be Sexy

I think Ashton ahem, I mean Chris, is taking his recent movie role as Steve Jobs a little too seriously, what with giving a keynote speech instead of an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards.

That weird sudden, clearly Steve Jobs inspired seriousness aside, Ashton hits on some pretty relevant stuff.

First he reminds the youth of America (which according to the Teen Choice Awards Screamo-meter is largely comprised of shrieking females) that “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.” He then shares his list of not so glamorous gigs to make everyone feel like he’s regular just like you and I! And look where he got with hard work!

Then he addresses being sexy, and he wants you to know that being sexy is actually being smart, and thoughtful, and generous and everything else is just CRAP! So DON’T BUY IT OK!!!!!!

Then he admits that he’s obsessed with Steve Jobs and thinks he is him. And he outlines a regular life path like getting a job and making a family. But he wants you to remember that everyone can build their own stuff. “Build a life, don’t live one.”

Damn, Ashton Chris. I’m kinda impressed with you.


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