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Video: The Best Cooking Show Ever “Cooking With Dog”


This is the best cooking show ever. It’s hosted by a dog. The dog is a poodle. The poodle is named Francis. Francis has a sort of French accent…but it also just might be a Japanese man.

He is accompanied by an unnamed Japanese lady, who seems very sweet and excels in cooking and following the directions of Francis. She speaks in Japanese sometimes.

Also these recipes are actually legit. Just because a dog/Japanese Frenchman is narrating does not detract from the legitimacy!

What did this episode of “Cooking with Dog” teach me?

1. Japan makes maybe the best TV shows of all time

2. Francis the dog MUST be on drugs…how does he not want to eat all the food

3. Mochi is impossible to make and I will keep buying it from Trader Joe’s

It takes many steps to make the mochi ice cream, but the taste is really amazing!!!!




Which episode is the best “Cooking With Dog Episode?” Let me know.


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