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This Is An NPR Article About Having Friends of Different Races


Why yes. This cheesy multi-racial graphic is VERY relevant!

This is an NPR article about having friends that are not your own race. This article is really crazy.

Here are the most important parts:

“Ninety percent of Latinos said that they are friends with people of a different race, according to new poll from Reuters and Ipsos, making them much more likely than the rest of America to reach across racial lines to make friends.”

Good for them!

“Only about a quarter of the people of color surveyed said they didn’t have any close personal friends from a different racial group.”

You go 3/4ths of people of color!

“But the number of white people who only had white friends was much higher, at 40 percent.”

Damn. Really White people? Come on!

“Part of it is just the math: there are just way more white folks.

And geography certainly plays a role: if you don’t live near people who aren’t in your racial group, you can’t make friends with them. That might explain why Latinos, who are especially clustered in the diverse West, have more friends of different races than everyone else.”

Ok. That’s true.

“But the whole story is a probably a lot more complicated than just geography and numbers.”

mmm hmmm.

“The Reuters/Ipsos survey found that people from the South were less likely to have more than five acquaintances of another race. But nine of the 10 blackest states, by proportion, are southern. And an influx of Latino children means that more than half of the South’s school population are kids of color. So there’s at least theoretical proximity between lots of black folks, lots of Latinos, and lots of white folks in the South. But, still, people there reported social networks that were more monochromatic than those in the rest of the country.”

This is pretty crazy.


Make a new friend today guyz!



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