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First World Foodie Problems

You know what? It’s hard to be a foodie. The expectations! The pressure! How can I take the perfect Instagram if the lighting is like a Vampiric Dungeon in this restaurant!? What if I just want to….eat my food? What if I can’t remember exactly what kind of ramp chutney was on that specific cut of pork chop? Life is so hard. So, so hard.


This conversation between fellow foodies needed to be shared. (Yes I am making fun of myself, yes my friend Alison and I are at least 90% joking, yes there’s still as 10% chance we’re serious ;)
  • 11:24am
    do you ever get stressed out about the amount of food you need to try?Perpetually broke and hypercaloric?
  • 11:25am
    Yes, seriously, I went through a phase where i just stopped trying.
    People were approaching me about my lack of food Instagrams.
    I felt alone and unsatisfied.
  • OMG that is the FUCKING worst.
    Like, sorry I eat good food but I don’t always post it or take a photo
    I’ve been legit yelled at.
    I’m like dude go on Yelp.

    • I know it’s usually in the form of: “Omg I want your food life! I haven’t seen any food pics recently though! What have you been doing?”

      IDK…living my life, cooking, eating out but only checking in on Foursquare, SUE ME.

    • i totally feel.

      If work doesn’t hold me up
      I’m down for the crab boil
      I want that alcoholic arnold palmer

    •  I know it sounds amazing.

       Maybe Jim will come.

    • Pork Slope is dope.

      I like the rhyming in that.

    •  David has weighed in with his thoughts: “people were approaching me about my lack of food Instagrams” #ichosethisfate #shitmyGFsays
    •   I KNOW. He doesn’t understand our pain
      •  stupid artists.


        Don’t worry, we understand how ridiculous this is.

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