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Video: La Piscine, A Film For Clothes That Doesn’t Make Me Want the Clothes

Simon Porte, some French guy, has come out with a new clothing line called Jacquemus. His Fall line is called “La Piscine,” which I’m pretty sure means “the pool” in French (I may or may not have learned that from the movie Life of Pi).

He’s only 23 and still works a retail job at Comme des Garçons in Paris, so I have to give him some credit. He’s doing pretty well too, featured in Elle and he somehow scored distribution of his line in Opening Ceremony and Maryam Nassir Zadeh in New York; Dover Street Market in London;
Wood Wood in Berlin; The Broken 
Arm in Paris. Nice.

That being said, this video is… I mean. A friend of mine linked to the video with no explanation, just the URL. At first I kind of thought it was funny in an ironic way – a parody documentary. Like look at these anorexic French girls stand around and smoke cigarettes and do nothing. All the hard working people are confused because they are so aimless and vapid – How funny. I then expected the film to go into more about how silly they were. Slowly I started to realize that their clothes were all kind of matchy matchy, the same fabrics and materials used, and it was kind of badly scripted. All of a sudden, it dawned on me this was an advertisement. A kind of idiotic, advertisement. I don’t want to buy your clothes if they make me seem idiotic and useless. The girls in this film were lost and bored, they were shallow and mopey. I didn’t even get a sense of true friendship, they were just all with each other because they “had nothing better to do.” That’s not attractive.

Why is a guy who is still working a retail day job making a film about frivolous young women who don’t have to work or have anything better to do than stand on a corner.

It doesn’t translate for me.

Although I do like this shirt.


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