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Video: Kids Reactions to Biracial Cheerios Commercial Is a Great Sign of Hope

This is a Cheerios commercial. Like every other Cheerios commercial it promotes that Cheerios are good for your heart. It features a generic looking mom and a generic looking dad who is of course napping on the couch. The daughter is effing adorable like most children in commercials, and the commercial ends with a cute little twist.

WHY ARE PEOPLE MAD ABOUT IT? There’s no reason to be. It’s a commercial that does the same thing all the other commercials do. Yes they’re biracial, so what? A real, live biracial family had to happen to produce the little girl who acts in this commercial.

There are tons of biracial families. You’d be hard pressed to find a large number of naturally born U.S. citizens that are only 1 race. How many people are still 100% one thing? Who is still 100% of French descent and doesn’t have a little Scottish or Irish or Italian mixed in? Even, for instance a Korean marrying a Korean is not guaranteed to be marrying a 100% Korean person – Japan controlled, raped, and pillaged Korea, there was mixing with Mongolians, American and British soldiers – historically the list goes on. How many asian women reproduce with white men? Latino women with black men or [insert pretty much any race here]? It’s not exclusive to black and white, and it shouldn’t be an issue. Plus everyone knows mixed babies are prettier anyhow ;) (and quite often genetically healthier).

I think interracial relationships are great, and the general direction things are going in the world. If people want to marry their own kind that’s not a problem either. Sometimes it’s culturally easier. But don’t condemn those who are brave enough to figure out those cultural differences and create new cultures in their union. I grew up with traditions from 4 different corners of the world. I’ll carry them on and add in any regional or ethnic traditions my partner wants to exercise. THE MORE HOLIDAYS THE BETTER PEOPLE. Holidays are fun, drinking family is fun! Holiday family drinking is fun!!!!!

Ok, finally to the point. Enough of my preaching, watch what these kids have to say, proving once again that kids are way smarter than idiot adults.

Oh to be young, oh to be surprised that racism still exists.

And shout out to the girl who cries at the end. That would have been me. <3

ALSO shout out to the little girl with freckles who just wants ya’ll to listen to your heart, and of course Dylan, he is the most adorable thing, we’re probably related – RANT ON YOUNG ONE! But Darius tho…kids gonna be a stud. BASICALLY SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF THEM, they are smart little things. 

In fact, Freckles… I dedicate this to you


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