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Event: Mayer Hawthorne’s Album Release Party (also sorry to Large Professor)

Last night I had a plus one to Mayer Hawthorne’s Album release party at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and took my lovely friend Rosa who is an interviewer for Pigeons and Planes (You can check out Rosa’s interviews with Baauer, Macklemore etc. here).

Questlove opened (he played an impressively long, almost 2 hour set) and Mayer brought down the house playing until just before midnight when his album dropped.

Large Professor came out for a cameo and rapped at the end of Mayer Hawthorne’s new single:

I didn’t know who Large Professor was, made the mistake of tweeting that fact, and experienced some crazy twitter backlash thanks to Large Professor retweeting my ignorance! SORRY EVERYONE I AM UNEDUCATED ABOUT HIP HOP.

t2 twitters

Sorry everyone, SORRY!!!!


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