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Video: New Google Maps Commercial Showcases Detroit

Aww, this ad is really cute.

It’s depicting a completely specific Detroit experience, ie. a White Person’s experience, leaving out greats like The Motown Museum and the waterfront. However, it makes sense, since they were most likely trying to stay within the theme of the soundtrack, “Detroit Rock City,” and the experience depicted is certainly one you could have in Detroit. It’s a good thing they chose Detroit regardless.

The Huffington Post Detroit reports: “The updated Google Maps app, released Wednesday, can do more than point you to the right places — and a video for Google Maps shows how visitors to Detroit can find the city’s hidden gems at the touch of your screen.

The New York Times calls the app, now available for Android, “crazy good software,” and notes, “Half the time, you don’t even need navigation instructions; you just use Google Maps as the world’s smartest Yellow Pages, to find a nearby restaurant, movie theater, drugstore or whatever.

And they finish up with a detailed description of everything that happens in the commercial:

In the video, we never see the face of our Google Maps visitor, who is guided by the app on an all-out romp through the city to the tune of (what else?) KISS’s “Detroit Rock City.” From the airport, our Googler uses the Explore key to find out about Comerica Park. On his way to catch a Tigers game, his taxi drives him past some amazing graffiti and Michigan Central Station before he shows the cabbie a faster route (Google Maps now offers real-time traffic incident and construction updates).

Taking the People Mover gets Googler closer to Corktown, where he walks exactly eight minutes to one of our all-time favorite bar joints, LJ’s. That’s where Googler meets some bikers, directs them to Showtime Clothing for some more appropriate leather and throttles the engine toward Saint Andrew’s for a live show. The bikers drop him off at his Westin Book Cadillac hotel room. But Googler’s had a long night, and he knows to do what us locals do .. order two up down the street at Lafayette Coney Island. Google Maps now offers reviews, and Googler gives Coney five stars.

We can’t wait for a nation of smartphone users to choose Detroit for their next destination!

If you’re from Michigan, this kind of stuff leaves you feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside :) It’s great to see nice depictions of Detroit, especially when you know how great Detroit is and how great it could be.


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