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Music: New Ellie Goulding Music Video “Burn”

Ellie Goulding is a really good singer. She is also really cute. She has a very unique and pleasing voice. She has a cool style. But god, she is an awkward dancer. Still.

I remember when the Starry Eyed video came out all I could think about was how awkward her camera presence was. She’s gotten better about that, but guys…stop putting dancing into her videos. She just…can’t.

This song is catchy. It’s good even. But it’s generic – a crowd pleaser. For someone like me who was so in love with her first group of songs, especially the original Frankmusik produced version of “I Wish I Stayed,” she just seems to be regressing. Her songs are getting more simple and lazy. It started with “Anything Can Happen” and now “Burn.”

Even a song like “The Writer” which has a bit of a cheesy tune still carried more depth in the lyrics. At least it had a concept. These new songs…are just…lazy. Sorry for redundancy.

Maybe I’m just a harsh critic. Still, I enjoy that she is famous, she has a pretty cool voice.



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