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Travel: Rome2rio, An Amazing Planning Tool


My quickly approaching trip to China is riling up the travel bug in me. As a result I started looking into flights to Iceland in September. I originally wanted to go to London and Scotland as well, mostly to see my plethora of friends residing in the United Kingdom, but as I was searching for multi-city flights nothing was shaping up to be cheap enough. Where else did I want to go? Iceland isn’t so far from Scandinavia, an area I haven’t been to (whereas I’ve been to London more than once). What was the best way to get from Reykjavik to Stockholm, and Stockholm to Copenhagen? And then back? I stumbled upon the website Rome2rio.

This website is gold. It gives you an awesome estimate of not only the cost of getting one place to another but lays out every possible mode of transport, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and each step of the trip (including shuttles to the airport or train station).

When I was living in Milan I became an incredibly comprehensive trip planner. I found the cheapest flights, factored in costs to and from the airport, found people to stay with, couchsurfed, hitch hiked, and with all the money I saved, made sure I ate like a king at least one meal per trip. Rome2rio honestly takes out half of the steps I had to go through to plan a trip.

stockholm to copenhagan


For example, when I click on the line leading from Stockholm to Copenhagen on the map, it shows me a myriad of ways to get to my destination. It estimates that if I take the train, it will be around $140 and take 5 hours and 8 minutes to get there. Or I can take the bus, or a plane. It even shows the options and prices of getting to nearby cities, ie. Malmo and continuing from there. That is probably the best feature of all. Many people don’t realize you can save money by going to a smaller or different town and using local transport to your final destination. Of course, if you don’t have time to waste, this lays out the mainstream options quite nicely as well.

Keep in mind: These prices are estimates. They do have a function where you can add the exact date, but only in a “single hop” search, meaning a trip from one place to another and back. If you want to do multiple destinations, “multi-hop” they call it, as I did with Reykjavik to Stockholm, Stockholm to Copenhagen, and back to Reykjavik, you cannot do specific dates. Nevertheless, this is an incredibly planning tool for figuring out the best method.


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