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Restaurant Review: Maysville

Cuisine: New Southern, Bourbon Bar
Location: 17 W 26th St. New York, NY

This is a Whiskey Bar in Flatiron area. It sounds douchey, and it is. It’s not as douchey as it sounds though.

Firstly, I’d like to comment on the light structure in the restaurant as pictured above on the ceiling.  My friend D and I agreed that it looks cool and it’s confusing, and it simultaneously looks like you could float on it and/or that it could crush you. We also had been drinking since 6pm and were eating at 10pm. Maybe you had to be there.

That aside, Maysville was good. It ain’t cheap, but it’s good. The crowd was fine, the wait staff was fine, the food was delicious, the drinks were strong. It’s a win, win, win. Unfortunately I don’t make it out to Flatiron all that often, but if I’m in the area I’ll 100% hit this place up for the cornbread and crispy grits.

Food Report:


Crispy Grits: topped with thinly sliced country ham and bourbon sauce. This was heaven. Little squares with rich grits inside, prosciutto like ham on top, and can’t go wrong with bourbon sauce from a bourbon bar. Get this.

Scallops: These were some damn good scallops. D maintains that the scallops at Dressler are just slightly better, but hey, no one’s asking him, snob :P They were buttery and on a bed of buttery peas, cooked perfectly (overcooked scallops are an easy faux pas as well as flavorless scallops). DO it.

Fluke Tartar: Ok, this I don’t recommend. I personally wouldn’t have picked it off the menu anyways, but D loves fish. This was basically ceviche style Fluke. It didn’t taste bad or anything, it just didn’t taste that good. When I order at restaurants I usually try to stick with their core compétence: Nothing about Bourbon, New Southern, Whiskey Bar, Kentucky screams fish or tartar. Nope. Just nope.

Cornbread: Not pictured, they give you these little cornbread muffins as a starter. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I was not that hungry and I ate all of them because they were warm and fluffy and melted in my mouth. I am trying to steal the recipe and make it at home. MMM!
974045_2022514803517_641041439_nDuck Breast: Don’t worry, it comes in a bigger portion than this, they plated it separately for us since D and I were sharing, which was really nice actually! This was good Duck. I would eat it again. Interesting combination with the rhubarb and strawberries.

Overall, Maysville is good. Stick with Southern influenced dishes. I found the appetizers to far outshine the mains. Go for a strong drink and a bunch of appetizers. It’s that kind of place. A perfect after work spot, because why else would you be in Flatiron? ;)


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