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Video: PSY’s Wiki Korea is Brilliant

The new tourism campaign for South Korea featuring PSY is really brilliant. Really it is.

In my option, the Korean tourism board couldn’t be smarter using PSY as the spokes person, the first and maybe only Korean speaking celebrity to ever gain international attention. While it in a way makes fun of itself, the vibe is more cartoony than self-deprecating. It maintains a balance of being entertaining but still educational, unlike the PSY campaign for Pistachios, which I find redundant and annoying, not to mention a little weird.

The thing I do find funny about the Korean campaign is the emphasis it seems to be putting on going out, or a sexier Korea. Words like “Bulgeum” for clubbing or “Yasik” which is basically drunk food, serve as examples.

It seems to me, from my visit there and my Korean family, that this simply isn’t mainstreamed into Korean culture and can only be applied fairly exclusively to the larger cities of Seoul and Busan. This doesn’t mean people haven’t been going out to clubs in Korea for ages, that’s not what I mean, I’m more commenting on the glorification of such activities. While sexuality and club culture is definitely shifting with Korea’s younger generation and the general socioeconomic rise of the whole nation, I find it surprising that Korea would choose to market itself this way for cheap appeal to the younger age groups. Still, I suppose it isn’t out of nowhere, as K-Pop has been getting more and more risque as it rises in appeal outside of just Korea. This aside, I don’t think it was a bad move from a marketing standpoint. This campaign does exactly what it’s supposed to. It gets your attention, it’s well made, and it makes Korea look like a poppin’ time.

It’s almost making me want to go back…even though I really didn’t have the desire to initially. Well played Tourism Korea.

See the whole Wiki Korea Guide.


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