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I’m Conflicted: Celebrities Wear Fedoras For a Good Cause

Celebrities including Julianne Moore, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, John Leguizamo and Christy Turlington Burns have come together to support fair immigration legislation. As the offspring of immigrants from all parts of the world, I truly support this cause. There’s just one problem: the way they’ve chosen to show support is by…wearing fedoras… WTF.

Fedoras are the worst things ever. Sure there was this one time that Justin Timberlake started wearing them and people were like oh this is totally cool. Sure, there was this one time I wore one to a bar slightly tilted backwards in a “hipster” fashion and got showered with compliments from people about how they wish they could pull it off. BUT GUESS WHAT GUYZ, those days are over. Fedoras are so not cool. Fedoras are the lowest hats on the hat scale maybe only after these:

But maybe even those^ are cooler because Fedoras are just….ugh.

That aside, and getting serious, if I put my immense distaste for that sort of hat in a special little pocket of my brain, this campaign is saying some important stuff. I especially like the below quote because it’s true. Unless you are 100% Native American, we all came from somewhere else and then proceeded to oppress and destroy the people who lived here first. We are not entitled to what we have. Stop being entitled.

I totally support this initiative and you should too. So share it and do whatever they tell you to do in that video. Feel free to note that Fedoras should never, ever be worn, but this is for a good cause so you’ll let it slide. 


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