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Music: New Beyonce: Grown Woman

Queen Bey is back and I’m glad. Some people are all like, “What the heck is this new weird, not that Beyonce sounding song?” But honestly on third listen I am super into it.

Coworker Aaron and I have come to two conclusions. We don’t love the crowd noise in the background, but we agree that it was most likely due to the producer.

Personally, I don’t really love the cutesy backup voice that says “why of course” and other annoying valley girl sounding lines. I guess it helps make the fact that the song is incredibly conceited a little more light hearted, but I’m totally a bigger fan of being confident and in charge than trivializing it with this annoying dumby girl voice. Again, probably the producer.

Coworker Aaron also cites a little bit of an Michael Jackson/Prince vibe versus Beyonce’s normal fast-paced syncopated style.

Beyonce is definitely trying to get back to a bit more of a tribal sound and I support it.


I tweeted the link last night but it was removed so here’s a video that currently has the full video until it probably gets removed.


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