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Restaurant Review: Fette Sau

Cuisine: Barbeque, Meat
Address: 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Fette Sau is a cool little spot right around the corner from my abode. It has a nice outdoor area, a big communal table/cabin/fake fireplace situation going on inside, and it’s filled with pretty, young people. It’s a dope spot.

Apparently Fette Sau is “Voted NYC’s Top BBQ for the fifth year running.” I for one am not completely sure why. It’s good. Don’t get me wrong. But damn, it’s a lot of meat. Maybe I just meat overloaded myself because I was too excited. It’s kind of ironic to go from doing my review on The Butcher’s Daughter (which is mostly vegan) straight to Fette Sau (which is straight up platters of meat), but I’m generally meat partial if not meat centric, so it’s surprising I’m not peeing myself with excitement over this BBQ.

Perhaps the reason it puts me off is that there aren’t really any sandwiches or traditional ways to eat the what is clearly high quality meat. It just comes on a platter: your meat, a few rolls of bread, any sides you choose to have. Since you are essentially creating your own experience, perhaps I just created the wrong one.

Is it still worth going here? Absolutely 100%. There is nothing wrong with the BBQ in fact it’s really good. Not to mention the atmosphere is awesome as well. I was just underwhelmed because Fette Sau has literally RAVING reviews from pretty much everyone else in the game. I’ll be back to give an update since it is right around the corner.

Food Report:

IMG_4720Here is my platter. It’s not glamorous, but damn, I tried a lot of meat. That’s pulled pork, a sausage and brisket alongside baked beans which also had meat in it. You can maybe see why I was overwhelmed with how full of meat my meal was. The meat was all good but how much meat can you eat by itself? The baked beans were decent. I wouldn’t recommend the sausage, I’ve for sure had better.


As far as the space goes, it’s ideal for groups if it’s not crowded due to the big table, otherwise, it can get crowded at times. Fette Sau has a good selection of beers and the outdoor seating makes it a hot spot in the summer. Plus it’s good for watching cute guys and girls chow down on some serious meat.


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