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Restaurant Review: The Butcher’s Daugher

Cuisine: Vegan/Vegetarian/American
Address: 19 Kenmare St. New York, NY 10012

We all know that I like meat. A majority of us also know I don’t really like vegetables. Strangely enough, I still like the Butcher’s Daughter. Sure it’s a little too trendy/healthy/not in Brooklyn to put in my regular rotation, but it has my approbation and that is the hard earned approbation of a vegetable hater. What that means is, if you are remotely healthier than me, which is mostly everyone except maybe the family of Honey Boo Boo, then you will like the Butchers Daughter. Cool atmosphere, hot people, good food – That is the Butcher’s Daughter. I sat in the same seat as Justin Timberlake did the other day. I’m so posh guyz. Anyways. The reason the Butcher’s Daughter is nice is because it’s trendy but it’s casual, so you really could just pop in for a coffee or grab their homemade juice cleanses and be on your way. I for one am obsessed with their cashew milk. Who knew I liked cashew milk? You learn something new everyday.

Thank god my friend Deandre was working at the Butcher’s Daughter because he just chose what my friend Rosa and I ate. Since I’m a vegetable hater, not being able to choose for myself was a good thing. Forced me out of my little box!

My little bffl Deandre serving up some eats

My little bffl Deandre serving up some eats. As a testament to the hotness of the Butcher’s Daughter, rumor has it that Deandre got his job because he followed a beautiful lady inside and was like, “Wait, it’s dope in here!” ;)

Food Rundown:


Cashew-Ricotta with fig Mostarda: Oh yeah, you know I was into this. Delicious cashew ricotta and a fig spread on some toasted bread. This is delish. But you should request more bread, because that’s obviously not enough for fattys like me.


Kale Chips: house-made kale chips with lemon and sea salt. Again, being a vegetable hater means I’m by default a kale hater, BUT I DIDN’T HATE THESE. I liked these. Yes world, I liked kale. So get these, they’re a yummy little snack.


Avocado toast bites: ripe avocado smashed with lemon, curry and mustard seed and lemon on 7-grain bread. Everyone is all about this avocado dip. Like all up in it. If you are an avid reader, you know I don’t like avocado. If you are not an avid reader, or you’re from California, you’re probably in shock and disbelief. Sorry. Anyways this was probably good if I liked avocado. But like I said, everyone else loves the shit out of this, so you probably will too.


Lentil Soup: They have a different soup of the day and this day’s was lentil, damn good lentil soup yo. I would go back for it anytime I was under the weather, sick, or missed my grandma. My grandma is Korean and def doesn’t make lentil soup, but it’s just a thing that a grandma should make. Let me have my fantasy ok! And also get this soup. Don’t worry it comes in a bigger bowl usually.

Coffee: In the morning the Butcher’s Daughter is packed with people getting yummy coffees and vegetable juice blends. Like I said, I’m obsessed with the cashew milk, so I’m all about the cappuccino with cashew milk. Perfection.

Vampire Slayer: Yes there is something called a vampire slayer. It is a juice shot that wakes you up like WOAH. It has ginger, lemon, garlic and cayenne. I quite liked this because it makes you feel very cleansed!




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