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Music: Australia’s Laneway Festival is Coming to “Detroit”

The Australian Festival is coming to North America and it’s one-day location is “Detroit,” Michigan. But surprise! It’s not actually in Detroit, it’s in Rochester Hills, a suburb of Detroit that houses the stadium for the Detroit Basketball team The Pistons.

On one hand, it really annoys me that they are branding it like it’s in Detroit when it’s not. As my co-worker and I were discussing, if they aren’t going to invest in the city they don’t deserve to use the name. At the same time, I feel like it is a step in the right direction that they are even putting a festival of this caliber in the Detroit area, because it means that the market is there and the music industry is finally realizing that. This is a sign of revitalization, even if it’s only half-assed.

The festival has an absolutely incredible line up with: The National and Sigur Rós headlining, alongside Deerhunter, The Dismemberment Plan, Solange, El-P and Killer Mike as Run The Jewels, Frightened Rabbit, CHVRCHES, AlunaGeorge, Charli XCX, Savages, Warpaint, Phosphorescent, Youth Lagoon, Washed Out, Icona Pop, Flume, My Brightest Diamond, and Haerts as reported here.

Though I’ve seen a good number of the bands listed at CMJ or other intimate shows in NYC I am itching to see some of the British bands that are flying all the way to the good old Midwest like AlunaGeorge and Charli XCX. Not to mention, Australian DJ Flume is completely blowing up now, I’m lucky I saw him while I did and would totally see him again. And then there’s Sigur Rós who will no doubt be amazing and beautiful.

BUT the real kicker is, that since the festival is only one day, it’s incredibly cheap with Advanced tickets at $79.50 going on sale Saturday, May 8th through Palacenet. Plus a limited amount of “Early Bird” four-packs will also be available for $64.50 per ticket. Weekend trip to “Detroit” anyone?

Just a note: If you are reading this and you don’t live in Michigan and you’re considering going to Michigan for this really awesome festival let it be known that you NEED a car or need to know someone who has one. Detroit is the motor-city, which means it’s pretty much un-walkable besides the small downtown area and it’s a very spread out place. Not to mention this festival isn’t even in Detroit, so while you could technically take buses in Detroit proper you definitely can’t to Rochester. Therefore, plan accordingly, rent a car. I realize that I don’t have a post on Detroit, so I’ll have to do one soon. Go to the Motown Museum, the happiest place on earth!




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