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Video: The Evolution of Music

This is incredibly well done. It’s made completely acapella – no instruments, only voices. The band Pentatonix is really interesting because they’ve asked to be “thought of as a regular band, just with no instruments.” This is a concept that was definitely not possible or marketable in past decades before the Internet increased the long tail market. While they would no doubt have been considered talented in the last few decades, they couldn’t have built the fan base they have of fairly young YouTube viewers, which has allowed them to go on two tours.

Additionally, I would argue that new social phenomena’s such as Glee and Pitch Perfect paved the way for something like this to manifest: like Glee but without the autotune. As of right now they only do covers. I’m incredibly interested to see if they could translate their talents into original songs without instruments and be commercially successful.

I’m rooting for them. Let’s see what happens.


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