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Food Alert: The Best Flavor of Custard From Shake Shack

Shake Shack has custom custard flavors every month. As you can see, the month of April was pretty freaking amazing. All I have to say is that the Red Velvet custard IS THE ONE. I have maybe never felt happier in my life than when I was standing on the subway eating it. Yes, I was standing on the subway, and I was happy, simultaneously! That never happens!

It’s basically their delicious custard with actual red velvet cake mixed in. I can’t tell you how good it tastes. It tastes so good.



I’m a little bit depressed to say that April is now over and we’ve moved on to the May menu, but I suppose this just means there are new potential flavors to take the throne as the BEST SHAKE SHACK SPECIAL CUSTARD EVER.

BRING ON THE SPICED CHOCOLATE BROWNIE. And what the hell is olive oil cake? Don’t worry, I’ll find you for you and report back.

To find out the custard calendar for any month after these two are dated you can go to Shake Shack’s Custard Calendar Page.



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