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Restaurant Review: Cafe Habana

Cuisine: Cuban, Hispanic
Address: 17 Prince St. New York, NY 10012

Cafe Habana is a delicious institution which currently has places in New York’s Soho, a bigger space in Brooklyn, and in Malibu. They are working on opening one in New Orleans, which thanks to my friend who hails from NOLA, I know is meeting a lot of opposition from the neighborhood. Will amazing Mexican corn prevail in the great state of Louisiana? Only time will tell!

Despite having been to the Malibu location first, I want to write my review on the the Soho location, because this is the best location. Though the food is the same at really all locations, and you should feel free to go to any of the locations in order to enjoy the amazing corn at any time, the Soho location is the spot. It’s inside a silly looking trailer on the corner of posh Prince St. There is always a wait, no reservations, and always pretty people, not to mention people watching through the windows. It’s janky inside, in that the jutting air conditioner and tiny bathrooms really scream, “You’re almost in Cuba” and I like that. Best of all, it’s one of the very few truly good and CHEAP eats in the Soho area. If you’re going to go to the Brooklyn location (they screen movies outside and that’s pretty rad) it’s not really like you’re getting a deal. Brooklyn has plenty of cheap, quality things going on still.

With that being said, it’s time to talk about the food.

Food Report:

20130502-101036.jpgMexican Corn: This is the reason you go to Cafe Habana. There is no other reason. Sure they have fun bellini flavors and yummy margs, sure the atmosphere is cool, but get this corn goddamnit. This corn has often been referred to as “crack corn” because it is addicting. Friends that I have introduced to it have often come under scrutiny for writing things on my wall like “Corn this weekend?” or “Let’s get some corn!” If you have it, you too can understand.

Cuban Sandwich: This is apparently rated one of the best cuban sandwiches in NYC. You know what. It is a good cuban sandwich. I like it.

Brunch: All of the brunch is delicious. Good rice, good beans, good eggs, good sauce. Not much to mess up here. You will leave happy.

Everything Else: Everything else, accompanied by the corn, is of course satisfactory. Get anything with the corn and you’re golden.

Coffee: I ALWAYS get an iced coffee here because it’s not overpriced the way Starbucks and the likes charge like an extra dollar to ice it, and it comes in a big cup. Super satisfactory for summer brunches. Make sure you like coffee though, it’s got a strong brew.

This is one of my go to spots to take people because it’s delicious, cool, and doesn’t break the bank. I make the pilgrimage back fairly often, but when I was living close by it was an almost every weekend occurrence. Just get the corn.



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