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Restaurant Review: Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery

Cuisine: Mexican, tacos
Address: 695 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Yes. That is the outside, and yes, I promise they make food inside. This place is a little gem. It’s not convenient (I mean even “convenient” Hell’s Kitchen isn’t that convenient) and it’s not pretty, but it’s pretty damn near as authentic as you can get.

You walk in and there’s a counter with groceries and if you continue to the back you enter a little space with chile laden stools, palm trees and coronas hanging from the ceiling and of course, the Virgin Mary.

There are two little ladies working behind a counter taking your order, which will by in Spanish, because the menu is in Spanish with meager English translations. You tell them your order, they give you a receipt, you go to the front and pay and then you go back and wait. This is not a quick operation, this is Mexico ok! So you’ll wait for a few and have time to take ample selfies like I did above. Now it’s not the fact that the place is cool/authentic/delicious/obscure that makes it worth the trek, although those things do factor in. What makes this place crazy is the sheer amount of weird shit you never thought you wanted in a taco, but apparently, other people eat in Mexico and in Hell’s Kitchen so if you’re really adventurous you can eat a goat tripe taco. Or pork skin, or beef tongue. MMMM!


Food Rundown:


I’m sad to admit that I wasn’t that adventurous. But what I had was really very satisfactory.

Al Pastor: This is a traditional version of a taco: pork, onions, cilantro you know how it goes. This was good and that sauce in the corner of the pic HOT DAMN it burnt my tongue off.

Arroz Con Pollo: Sorry, seriously, I’m boring, this was yummy though, and I went lighter on the sauce.

Beef tongue: I didn’t have this. But I heard a white dude who most definitely is involved in theater in some way shape or form judging from his plaid shirt, female friend with short hair, and other male friend with a beard, say “Oh yeah, you have to try this, the beef tongue is so tender!” So I’m assuming that’s good. I also assume that, that crowd prides itself on eating authentic ethnic food and liking it based on the statement by female friend, “Oh well we’ll have to head up to Flushing to really have an adventure!” Yeah.

Anyways, that sauce is really effing good, but I’m a wimp and it did burn me, so EATING DISCRETION ADVISED as I lamented on twitter:



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