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Restaurant Review: Schmackary’s

Cuisine: Cookies, Sweets
Address: 362 West 45th St. New York, NY

Schmackary’s is a cookie shop that looks really cheesy on the outside. Honestly, being this close to Times Square I passed it and didn’t think twice. Once inside, it’s a cute little spot hearkening back to the days of the old fashioned sweets shop. It’s most definitely a local spot for Hell’s Kitchen residents and not a tourist trap. It most certainly contains that Middle America charm that the owner, who hails from Nebraska, wanted it to. This is a very “Broadway” spot. Lots of adorable gay men and girls with dogs.

But on to the more important aspect of cookies. These cookies are all interesting flavor combinations as well as having a very “homemade” air about them. They’re a little overpriced at $2.75 for one and 2 for $5, but they are really delicious and are made with natural ingredients. This is perfect if you’re craving a homemade snack and genuinely friendly service.

Food Report:

While I obviously haven’t tried every cookie, I will speak for the ones I have.


Red Velvet Cookie: This was by far my favorite. If you like Red Velvet anything you must get it! MMM!

Maple Bacon Cookie: The best selling cookie and very good. I get why people are into this, especially because it’s unique. It’s not my absolute favorite, but a must try.


Lemon Poppy: This is my second favorite cookie (on the bottom in the picture). Really good. Light and fresh if you dont’ want a heavy or chocolatey cookie.

Carrot Cake: This is a good carrot cake cookie. I don’t particularly love carrot cake, so this isn’t my go to, but if you are a big carrot cake fan, it’s certainly comprehensive.

Chocolate Diablo: This is basically mexican chocolate, dark chocolate and red pepper. It definitely has a kick so only get it if you want something spicy!

Coffee: Their coffee is decidedly satisfactory. Better than Starbucks and a lovely compliment to your baked goods of choice!


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