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Restaurant Review: ABC Kitchen

Cuisine: Farm to Table, American
Address: 35 E 18th St. New York, NY

One of Jean-Georges’ many, many high caliber restaurants ABC Kitchen is “farm fresh” where everything is locally sourced and organic. Reservations here are tough and if you walk in they’ll most likely tell you it will be an hour or hour and half wait (even on days like Tuesday). Apparently this is heightened due to the fact that Obama has eaten here according to Google Reviews. Anyways, in my experience, I have been able to walk in and only waited around 40 minutes, which is standard. You can have a drink at the bar and they even have seats in the front that are for bar drinking only, so you can probably snag a spot and wait more comfortably. Plus, spending time inside isn’t a drag. ABC Kitchen is really lovely inside. The decor is mostly white with accents of glass and nature. It’s inside the greater store ABC Carpet and Home. The service here is really awesome. Very friendly, especially if you engage with them (I think that’s how we managed our freebies ;) And since I know you’re dying to know – yes, they do have to wear their own plaid shirts. But there are strict guidelines as to which ones are permitted. The food is inventive and fresh. Nothing is very heavy (except the desserts, which makes them a must!) and even for someone who lives a meat-centric life, these vegetable based dishes are awesome.

Food Report:


Housemade Ricotta, Rhubarb compote, and grilled bread: Ricotta is always good if you like ricotta. This ricotta is a lighter blend. The bitterness of the rhubarb compliments it nicely. This is really nice and light, but more sweet than savory. Go for the crab toast if you want something a little more substantial.


Fresh ricotta, crispy prosciutto, and Asparagus: This, as far as I can see, isn’t on the menu. Therefore, it was quite a shock when I sat down and this was on our table. Mostly because we didn’t order it.  Our waiter was absolutely wonderful though and without hesitation, just told us to have it. So score, another pizza to review for you. I’m not a huge asparagus person and I like this. It was a little repetitive after the ricotta appetizer, so choose one or the other, otherwise you’ll burn out on the delicious cheese.


Mushrooms, parmesan, oregano, and farm egg: This is very good. It’s my second time having this pie. But be warned, it is basically a breakfast pizza. If you don’t love breakfast the way that I do, you might be better off skipping the pizzas and getting a pasta.


Arctic Char: slowly cooked with parsnips, chillies, and meyer lemon. This was a winner. My eating companions favorite. The lobster looked incredible as well but I was not lucky enough to taste it.

20130417-111724.jpgCake Pops: Just a little snack from our adorable waiter. Again, not on the menu but these were made out of the malted chocolate ganache chocolate cake which is on the menu in a larger form. THIS IS RICH in a good way. MMMmmm.

Sundae: Another incredibly notable dessert. salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts and popcorn, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This is epic. But filling.



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