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Restaurant Review: Prima

Prima Interior

Cuisine: Fish, Specialty Cocktails
Address: 58 E 1st Street

This is a small spot with interesting cocktails from Summit Bar and a strong fish menu. The way the menu works is you have fish on the left and sauces on the right. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not super into fish because it can so often go wrong. But I’m getting more adventurous, and learning that when you do it right, you do it right. At Prima, they do it right. It’s a small spot, very quaint and very friendly staff. The real draw is the cocktails. They are incredibly well done and super interesting. Make sure you go for happy hour, when it’s two for one oysters and cocktails.

Food Report:


Crab Cake: This was an appetizer. I have to say it was a bit expensive for just one crabcake, but it was a good crab cake.


Skate with Pesto and Vierge Sauce: While this is arguably a more adventurous fish to try, it was really well done. Only get it if you know you like Skate. The Skate is the only fish on the menu that comes in it’s own sauce (with capers). The others you choose one of the sauce choices. My waiter was nice enough to let me have the Pesto and the Vierge anyways. I preferred the Pesto sauce.

Skate – 15
Red Snapper – $22
Arctic Char – $18
Sea Scallops – $18Tempura Hake – $16
Daurade – $21

Green Condimen

Basically, this is the spot for you if you like fish and you like cocktails. Or, if you just like cocktails, I would still recommend it as a drinking destination. The only thing that makes me a little less enthusiastic than I would be is the price. A meal here can add up quickly. If you love seafood, it could be worth it. If you’re more like me, then I would say save your spending for the drinks, because they are divine.


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